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This firm is compassionate about helping client's navigate the complex field of immigration laws. We specializes in visas, citizenship, asylum, employment and labor immigration matters you should pursue or what options are available to you if your immigration case fails. We believe in being committed to each one of our clients so we can provide insightful legal advice in order to be helpful to you and your family with all immigration-related matters. Call and schedule a 15 minute free consultation today for more information.


For immigrants pursuing legal action to appeal decisions from immigration judges or fighting denials of immigration benefits, experienced legal counsel can help. Our attorneys represent clients in various types of immigration litigation. Whether it is Appeals Before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), Immigration-Related Federal Court Litigation, Motions to Reconsider or Reopen and more. Call and schedule a 15 minute free consultation today for more information.


Immigration Compliance/Enforcement we offer services to businesses to ensure you are prepared for such activity by conducting reviews of polices and processes, audits, and training their employees. Our practice covers the entire range of immigration compliance including I-9 audits, worksite visits, unexpected raids or other types of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) enforcement actions. Our firm also takes on Labor and Employment law compliance as well as general compliance. Request more information by filling out the form below or call and schedule a 15 minute free consultation today.



Our vision at The Law Office of A. Jones, is to help clients navigate the immigration process and become citizens. We advocate passionately using client-specific facts to overcome complex or routine immigration problems. We are devoted to humanity and strive to always produce work product that is amounting to legal excellence while maintaining integrity, professionalism and respect for our clients. We strive to listening to each unique client situation and adhere to the highest ethical standards in all our dealings with our clients, business partners and associates and with each other. We provide customized, affordable legal services to our clients and understand their goals and devising strategies to meet their immigration objectives.

There is a story behind every decision to migrate, and we are interested in learning more about yours.

 Are your feelings and concerns surrounding;

  • Who you left behind?

  • Is there somebody in the United States you would like to reconnect with (Spouse, Children, Parents)?

  • Your feelings and thoughts of what your future holds for you and your family before and after the migration?

  • Is there times you feel unwelcome as an immigrant, because of United States barriers on immigrants?

  • Are you in fear of, or have witnessed an inexperienced attorney who would waste your time and money?

  • Are you confused with the immigration laws of the United States?

  • Are you unaware of what forms you need to file for your immigration matters?



Founder Attorney Arthur Jones, born in Connecticut I was raised around a lot of immigrants who became my friends and family as time went on. Although, we were born in different areas we have a lot of similar likes, interests, and hardships in life. Our obstacles made different families within our community grow stronger and transition from friends to family. After some time I have learned the trials and tribulations that immigrants have to go through just to come to America. I saw first hand how these families worked so hard to provide a better life for their loved ones. Their dreams and goals touched me, and for these families America provided them opportunity to experience life in a new way. I believe that all people deserve a place in the world where they can be the best version of themselves, if that place is in the United States they should not be denied a right to strive and prosper. What inspires me to practice law is protecting the rights of humanity, I want to make a difference in the world. 


Outside of law I love to spend time with my family, exploring new places and trying new things. My favorite sport since I was a young man is basketball, on weekends I love to play basketball whenever I get the chance. I am a joyful person who loves to put a smile on everyones face. I enjoy helping in the community whether it is feeding the homeless, donations and more I want people who are less fortunate to have basic human necessities.





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