Our virtual immigration law office is different from your traditional law firm, with technology improving and an increased demand in virtual legal services. We are here to meet all your needs. Although our firm is virtual, we have the capability of setting in person meetings and are able to assist clients with their immigration needs no matter where in the United States they are located or you can opt for any or all meetings to be conducted remotely even if you are outside of the United States, at your preference. You receive the same level of service, using a secure internet approach. This is an excellent way for both client and lawyer to save the travel time and gas associated with frequent in-person meetings. We care for our clients' health and safety. If you have COVID-19 concerns you can meet with your attorney virtually. In order to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 being a virtual firm gives clients a peace of mind knowing they are not at risk of being exposed to or contracting the virus. 


We specialize in many fields of immigration law, our firm is constantly working to make your immigration process as simple and stress free as possible. We utilize the latest technology, in order to lower our clients fees and to accommodate our clients needs in any way possible.



Employer Immigration Compliance is a complex field of law, if employers do not comply with immigration laws the can potentially face high penalties for violations. Guidance from the experienced immigration attorneys at The Law Office of A. Jones can help you limit liability and for the corporation can be in compliance with applicable law. We can help review, analyze, and advise on best practices within the field. We make sure your written policies are in compliance with applicable rules and regulations for dealing with work authorization that will guide you or offer advice for circumstances dealing with immigration law.


Case by Case basis that depends on the complexity of the case and jurisdiction, for more information reach out to our firm and have an attorney evaluate your case.

The Law Office of A. Jones, is here to fight for your immigration rights. We are here to turn your dreams into reality with everything we got. For further information or to reach an attorney contact us below.


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